5 mins TASTER SESSION (Completely FREE & ONLINE)


5 mins TASTER SESSION (Completely FREE & ONLINE)


Try Brainarm for free, online, for 5 minutes, see that it works and you will love it!

Suitable for musically untrained, hobbyists and intermediate musicians

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This session will be held ONLINE. Please, read all the instructions and our terms & conditions in full before booking it.

This is a "Taster Session", which means it can only be purchased once for the same person. However, you can still book further Taster Sessions for the members of your families and your friends as gifts to let them try Brainarm.

After those 5 minutes you can buy for yourself a 1-hour session, any package of sessions and the optional Premium service, at your own choice.


48 hours in advance notice is required for cancelling any session and reschedule it.

Should your session last less than expected because you have (or want) to leave earlier, it will not be possible to either credit that missed time or use it on another session.
This does not apply to any extra time you might have earned through any promotion, which will still be available for you to use on another session.

We have a very reliable 5-stars internet broadband (Plusnet).
However, occasional delays and issues might occur.
If that is the case, any missed time due to unstable connection (either yours or ours) will be made up. If it is not possible to make it up during that same session (e.g. because your connection was too unstable for too long and either you or the coach have no time) it will be added as extra time to another session, but only if you have already booked or will book another session.
If you have booked more than one session for yourself and you live in the UK, if you wish we can call you via mobile phone to carry on with our session.
Apart from those warranties, any of our services (including the instructions for the sessions that you can find at THIS link) is provided "as is".


Regarding the instructions, about the device connection and settings, they are not to be intended as definitive or as working in all cases.
There might be better settings than those for your particular devices, as there are many type of devices and multiple combinations. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that every individual setting will work fine. Therefore, we decline any responsibility in the event that, for any reason, your devices and/or the combination of the device chosen and/or their respective settings and wiring do not work or not well enough.

Now, we encourage you to read the instructions to allow the session to run as smooth as possible.

By purchasing this product, you declare to have read in full and fully understood the terms and conditions as well as the instructions provided and therefore you declare that you fully agree with them all.