BRAINARM ONLINE SESSION (Fully refundable if this is your first session ever)


BRAINARM ONLINE SESSION (Fully refundable if this is your first session ever)


This kind of session is both for tasters and those who have already tried the Brainarm before.

To those who have never tried the Brainarm it is FULLY REFUNDABLE!

See below for details and instructions on how to reserve your session and in which cases you will get a refund.





Wherever you are based you can brainarm, since our session are held online.

You just need either one computer/mobile/tablet and/or another mobile/tablet.

This is the ideal setting: a computer with Zoom meeting app installed AND a mobile phone (or tablet) with a piano app on it. By the way, we suggest this web app, as it is very good and does not need any installation:

Then, keep the mobile close to the computer, so that your coach can hear the sound you will produce when improvising on the piano app.

Should you have a piano nearby (an acoustic/digital piano or even just a small keyboard), this is even better than using a mobile with the piano app. 

Before the session starts we will email you with all instructions to set up the sound of your Zoom app.

We will not be held responsible in case your sound doesn't work properly. So you have to set it up exactly as explained in the email.  

Although not as good as Zoom, there are also Skype (either on a computer or a mobile/tablet) or Whatsapp (on a mobile/tablet) as alternatives.

So, here are the different scenarios:

IDEAL - Zoom on a computer + either an acoustic/digital piano/keyboard or a piano app open on another device (computer/mobile/tablet); allows to display your live-edited virtual manuscript which is easily visible 

GOOD - Zoom/Skype/Whatsapp on a mobile/tablet + either an acoustic/digital piano/keyboard or a piano app open on another device (computer/mobile/tablet); allows to display your live-edited manuscript but it is not perfectly visible

GOOD - Zoom/Skype/Whatsapp on a mobile/tablet + an acoustic/digital piano or keyboard; allows to display your live-edited manuscript but it is not perfectly visible.

To book the session fill up the form you find in BOOK A SESSION page (scroll down).



Consider that we cannot guarantee that you will finish your piece/pieces within a given number of sessions.



This session will last one hour. Within this time it is possible to compose enough to set the foundation of one piece (usually 6-12 bars).
Should you prefer to do less than one hour, the price will stay the same as that for one hour.

For a longer taster session see the terms and conditions below.



Our sessions are held in the following languages at your choice:

English or Italian. Sessions are also possible in Spanish with an interpreter (when available).

If you don't speak any of those languages or you are affected by speech disorders or impediment, it is also possible to use a chat. Please, get in touch in advance to ask for this option. The chat extra service allows an immediate translation and will not be charged any extra for that.

However, consider that the translation is not as affordable as that of a human interpreter. Therefore we will not be liable for any difficulties in communication if you choose to use the latter extra service.

If it is your case, please, specify that you need an interpreter/chat service when you fill up the form



Your taster session will be fully refunded in any of the following cases:

- if your music does not come out at the first session. However, consider that nearly one hundred people have brainarmed since 2011 and that never happened so far to anyone and all their initial session plus the following were prolific, so we can guarantee that at the end of each session you will have some music written;

if after it you book any of the following packages:

  • package of 15 sessions lasting 1 hour and 30 mins
  • package of 20 sessions lasting 1 hour.

All package with more sessions and/or time than those two above.

All packages are shown in this shop.

Should you have bought one session longer than one hour, only the first hour will be refunded (58£) and only once you buy any of the above packages.

Here below we show other cases where it is possible to get a refund.

- If your session is via Zoom/Skype/Whatsapp AND there is no internet connection available from either side for more than 10 mins overall AND neither you nor us are able to catch up the missed time later AND not more than 8 bars of music have been composed overall during that session, that session will be completely refunded. Should you have been able to compose 8 or more bars, the amount of the refund will be calculated proportionally, however, or credited on further sessions, should you want to purchase a package later. If the wasted time is less than the one indicated above, if possible to both you and the coach, it will be caught up during that same session (by extending it), otherwise on another session. Should you have no more sessions after that, you will receive a refund proportonal to the missed time.

- If we have to interrupt the session before it is completed, for any reason depending on us which is beyond our control, you will be refunded proportionally to the time the session has lasted.

Any other reason than those listed above will not be good reasons for claiming a refund.



48 hours in advance notice is required for cancelling any session. The time of that session will be therefore credited and the session rescheduled to an agreed day and time.

Should a session last less than expected because you have/want to leave earlier, it will not be possible to either credit that missed time or use it on another session.


By purchasing this product you declare to fully agree all the terms and conditions.