Suitable for musically untrained, beginners, hobbyists, intermediate and advanced musicians.


If you don't have a keyboard instrument at home, use 2 devices. If you have an instrument, only 1 device will be necessary.


Not suitable for:


- professional composers with a Degree in composition

- Conservatoire composition course students. 


Please, read the T&C below before booking.

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This session will be held ONLINE. Please, read all the present terms & conditions in full before booking it. It won't take much time.

You can purchase one or more sessions of this kind. However, only the first one is fully refundable. You can buy two if you wish to have a two-hour session, for example. However, if you think you might need to extend your sessions quite often in the future, you may want to consider asking your coach the list of session packages, instead, so as for you to get a discounted price on each session.

This session will be refunded only in the event that we fail to bring your music out. No refund will be possible in the event that you state you do not like your music or that the music composed is not yours.

We are 100% sure that your session will be 100% successful and that you will be satisfied, as we are providing Brainarm sessions since 2011 and such eventualities never occurred. But we want to be crystal clear, that’s why this T&C…

By booking this service, you declare to accept the present terms and conditions, and that you will read and apply the instructions with enough time in advance before your session starts.


A 48-hours in advance notice is required for cancelling a session and be allowed to reschedule it. Provided you respect the 48-hours in advance notice, you can cancel and reschedule a session indefinitely, but after rescheduling two times the same session, this right will be granted at our sole discretion. 

Should you prefer a refund instead (or change your mind and want a refund), this is still possible within 15 days from the purchase,
provided you have purchased the session enough in advance to allow a cancellation notice of 48 hours in advance of the session.
If a refund is not possible because you booked with not enough time in advance of the scheduled date for the session, we simply have to reschedule, so get in touch to agree on a mutually convenient date and time.


Should a session last less than expected because you have (or want) to leave earlier, it will not be possible to either credit that missed time or to add it to another session, unless you agreed that with your coach more than 48 hours in advance of that session.

Any extra time you want to add to a session to catch up on an earlier cancelled session, or any extra time you might have earned through any promotion, will still be available for you to use on any session after you have found a mutually convenient date and time with your coach.

We have a very reliable 5-star optic fiber internet connection (Plusnet) and issues are extremely rare and not significative. However, any missed time due to an unstable connection (either from yours or our side) will be made up. Should it not be possible to make up the missed time during that same session (e.g. because your broadband connection was too unstable for too long, and either you or the coach have no time on that day) it will be added as extra time to another session, but only if you have already booked or will book another session or package of sessions.


The instructions about the device/s connection and settings (that will be sent to you after your Taster Session) are to be intended as working only for the list of possible devices and settings we suggest you use.

We cannot guarantee that every gear and setting you choose (other than those we suggest) will work well or well enough. Therefore, we decline any responsibility in the event - for any reason - your devices and/or the combination of the device chosen and/or their respective settings and wiring do not work at all or do not work well enough.

We encourage you to read and apply at every session the instructions that we have sent you after you have booked the Taster Session, as well as any further suggestions you might have received from us. This will allow the session to run as smoothly as possible. If you do not do so, do it partially, or forget to do it, the quality and/or feasibility of the session will be affected. In that case, we have to decline any responsibility in the event your session time (or part of it) is needed to adjust your settings. Such time will not be caught up, unfortunately.

As soon as your session starts, you will be granted a 5-minute technical help only if you could not fix a new issue with your gear and/or settings after applying all our previous instructions thoroughly and in full. Therefore, we suggest you to get in touch by email or phone in advance of the session, to ask for any help, should you experience any issue of such kind. However, we will provide our help solely if you have already read and then tried to apply our instructions thoroughly and in full, including any further instructions we may have provided to you. In the event that you did not do so, we reserve the right to take the corresponding time off from your session to help you fix the issue, at our sole discretion and without any compensation.

We will not provide help, thus we decline any responsibility, in the event your device/s and/or Zoom (and/or any other app used during the session) fails to work or does not work properly.

Any of our services (including the instructions for the sessions that will be sent to you) is provided "as is".